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  • Only two sessions today. 
As if that somehow made it easier. 
Each ride I had been on so far I had peddled past this spot. In too much of a hurry to stop, I was left thinking to myself "there's gotta be a way to get down that cliff". By the end of today I needed some reminding - some time to lift my head up and out of the screen of my Garmin and decide for myself how I'm really feeling. 
It was the perfect opportunity to head back out and find that elusive trail. 
I'm glad I did. 
Not only did I find a trail, but I found answers to questions that I'd been pushing off for days. 
Now let's go ride. 
  • I had been procrastinating all day, waiting for the temps to drop below 30' degrees. 
The goal was to hold a 3:35 min/km pace for 5 X 1600's. 
With no track, and roads so hot they burn your feet through your shoes, by 6:00PM I decided to give it a bash and run circles around the local driving range - hoping that the grass will give some sort of relief from the heat. 
By the time 7PM rolled around, I was so hot that I could feel my blood bubbling through my muscles, but somehow I had just completed all 5 sets. 
And that was just a Sunday long run! 
This place forces you to take a deep look inside yourself day after day and redefine what you considered to be hard. It's a humbling experience. 
Let's just hope all this pain will be worth it in a months time at @itumultisport world champs. 
  • Preparation matters.
With my @skullcandysa's blaring whilst running through a routine dynamic warm-up, I always find my brain wondering. The thoughts never start off the same, but always end with a reflection on the process, the outcome and the goal of what I'm about to ask my body to do for me. . 
How you start will always determine how you finish.
  • Goodbyes are never easy.
Especially when they're to the love of your life.
Here's to hoping that the next 47 days fly by faster then a blink of the eye and that when I see your beautiful face again, I have a piece of hardware to make every second of it worth it.
  • All smiles from start to finish.
It's been quiet the build-up to this very moment, but I'm damn excited to be calling Baja home as I put in one big and final push for the @itumultisport World Championship.
  • Ola Baja. 
It's good to be back.