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  • "A good day for racing in the Nagan, ey!"
A good dose of #inspo from the duathletes today.
  • Less then 13 months ago I dived into my first ever triathlon training session with @tukssport. 
Now I'm standing here in @teamsouthafrica colours, preparing to take on the @itumultisport World Champs. 
Feeling totally humbled and excited for the opportunity to see just how far my body can go on race day.
  • Let's go north! 
My 6 weeks in Baja are up and I'm so excited to be moving onto Canada for the next chapter of this journey. 
See you soon @itumultisport!
  • Uno mas! 
Luckily for the local heavy eyed fisherman, my morning runway routine is soon to be history.
  • "Finding this gem hidden down one of the towns narrow cobblestone streets, squeezed between two 18th century municipal buildings, was like taking a step back in time. It's one of the most unique cafes I've ever stumbled on."
The full post on my trip around the #Baja transpeninsular in search of the best #coffee is now live up on my blog. 
You know where to find the link...
  • Swapped out bike rides for dirtbikes,
swim sets for surf sessions,
and electrolytes for caffeine. 
It made for one incredible weekend exploring the amazing towns and their unique coffee scenes scattered along the Baja peninsula.