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A Hipsters Guide to Coffee in the Capital Pretoria, South Africa

December 4, 2017

Vintage, Menlo Park Stepping into The Vintage is like stepping into a working laboratory. With passionate scientists running around behind the bar, grinding, weighing and…

Best Coffee in Baja, Mexico

August 12, 2017

Being one of the largest coffee producers in the world, Mexican coffee is globally loved for its medium body, mild flavor and slight acidy snap.…

Why To | Drink Coffee

July 31, 2016

When the IOC (International Olympic Committee) released a statement that banned athletes from consuming more than 12 micrograms (ug) of caffeine per milliliter of urine…

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  • Not too sure what I’m more excited about - the fact that I can start rehab or that I can start earning free @kauaisa smoothies again.
Either way, the stoke is high today!
  • Kept the tradition alive.
Although not the regular kind of long-ride, a long ride nonetheless.
  • I’m not one for popularity contests, but this one has the power to change a life.
Voting for the SA Sports Blog of the Year in association with #SABlogAwards is now open!
Rules are simple. Click the link in my bio, cast your vote, wait for the winner to be announced at the end of December.
So if you’re a fan of, I ask you to please take 30 seconds to cast your vote.
  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Capital is kinda cool.
I recently buzzed through PTA, sipping on the best coffee this growing city has to offer.
Honestly, I was blown away!
Read the full story over on my blog (link in bio) for A Hipsters Guide to Coffee in the Capital.
  • So here’s a little open heart honesty for you.

A few months ago my world was rocked. From a lifetime high of my first ever World Champs to a lifetime low of returning to a changed home, my emotions have been on an endless roller coaster. 
My drug became training. But running on emotion rather then knowledge is never wise and I was quick to suffer. Five weeks later and my glute is still refusing to play ball. 
Now, stripped from distraction, my mind has become my greatest tool. And it’s a beautiful thing of that. Something that I would never have discovered if life were so easy. 
So here’s to a new me. A happier me, a more self-fulfilled me, a stronger me. Here’s to walking the streets with a clear mind and happy heart. Here’s to celebrating the human body. Here’s to creating the world we live in.
  • Here's to welcoming a new week with open arms.

Let thy be a good one.