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How To | Measure Your Resting Heart Rate

April 4, 2016

Follow my blog with Bloglovin You’re resting heart rate (RHR) can tell you a lot. It can be used as an insight to your body,…

Running Decoded Your DIY Training Program

March 15, 2016

Planning your run for the day can be a pretty daunting thing. With magazines, top coaches and elite athlete’s constantly throwing big fancy words around like “YASSO’s” or…

Burn Lungs, Burn!

January 15, 2016

Almost every rider has reached a point in their ride where they face shortage of breath and the loss of ability to maintain their regular…

How To Actually Stick To Those New Year Resolutions A guide to goal setting

January 1, 2016

So a new year is here, which means that almost every single one of us have set some kind of fitness related goal as our…

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  • An easy long-run, focused on stretching the legs out and preparing them for the weekend.

But truthfully, all I'm focused on is clearing some space in my stomach for the burgers and fries I'm about to stuff into tonight! 
  • Whew, super excited about this one!

I'm offering all subscribers to a free download of my new, in-depth, holistic Nutrition Guide for athletes.

I've covered all the necessities in understanding the correct nutrition to maximize your pre, during and post workout goals, teaching you all you need to know to formulate your own, sport specific meal plan. -

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  • Less then usual training equals more then usual time in local coffee shops. 
Definitely not complaining about that! 
Especially when it's the super-cool, @spoutcoffee! 📷: @sydkeen
  • The finish to a big chapter in my life. 
Yesterday I swam, biked and ran my heart out at the @itumultisport World Champs, trying to keep up with the fastest off-road triathletes I've ever seen. 
I'm humbled to have finished 4th in age cat for @teamsouthafrica. 
Thank you to everyone back home for following the race live and all the words of support. 
This one means a lot!
  • Race day nutrition ✔️
  • Just 2 days away, sessions continue to get more and more specific.

Like this final recon on the run course with a total of 8 minutes at race pace divided up with long enough rest intervals to take the crazy, beautiful Penticton view in.