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How To | Measure Your Resting Heart Rate

April 4, 2016

Follow my blog with Bloglovin You’re resting heart rate (RHR) can tell you a lot. It can be used as an insight to your body,…

Running Decoded Your DIY Training Program

March 15, 2016

Planning your run for the day can be a pretty daunting thing. With magazines, top coaches and elite athlete’s constantly throwing big fancy words around like “YASSO’s” or…

Burn Lungs, Burn!

January 15, 2016

Almost every rider has reached a point in their ride where they face shortage of breath and the loss of ability to maintain their regular…

How To Actually Stick To Those New Year Resolutions A guide to goal setting

January 1, 2016

So a new year is here, which means that almost every single one of us have set some kind of fitness related goal as our…

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  • Pulling shots of @vintagecoffeersa at @mclaren_za's 2018 launch event was almost as cool as my dance moves. 
  • Dishing out a little middle finger love to this thing called life.

And now that that's out the system, let the pursuit of a joyous soul continue.
  • Committed to the church. 
Church square that is.
📷: @rinaldo_tri
  • When the wrong turn is the right turn. 
After accepting getting lost on streets deep in the CBD I had never heard of, I became deeper immersed in the bubbling energy that oozes from this city. The sounds, the colours, the people - it was all new and all so inspiring. 
And you thought the 012 sucked for cycling?
  • Matchy-matchy. 
A pink powerhouse of an acai bowl, loaded with an anti-oxidant punch big enough to get any kind of Thursday started.
  • Bro ride. 
6 years overdue.

But still, bro ride.