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Cycling the Cape Peninsula

January 17, 2018

Home to the worlds largest single day bicycle race, there’s no surprise why some of the best along with the most passionate cyclists flood to…

Gluten Free Summer Granola in less then 30 minutes

December 24, 2017

To find gluten free granola on the supermarkets shelf is an impossible task, and not having a quick, nutrient dense meal that excites you to…

Foam Roll

October 6, 2016

With the trend of things, almost everyone know’s what a foam roller is – but few know what it’s actually used for beyond causing unnatural…

Alkalizing Breakfast Smoothie

October 6, 2016

That old wife’s tale that your grandma keeps whispering in your ear to this day “remember to eat your greens” still holds true… Your leafy green veggies…

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